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Sat Oct 28 10:49:33 PDT 2006

> Bard.ansteorra.org seems to be the place to put up bios, 
> original pieces and read articles, but I think my article "To 
> Tell A Tale of Terror" (Happy Halloween, gang) is only one 
> article out of a total of two posted in the Bardcraft 
> section. I just sent it in to Alden yesterday. If only a few 
> people are taking advantage of this site, what will a College 
> provide that people will find valuable?

So *that's* why I did not recognize your article -- newly-published, and
DAMN FINE WORK! -- and I say so from only a cursory quick-scan.

((From the author of the *other* general-purpose article...))

Feedback.  I want feedback, folks.  My article has *never* been intended
as a static presentation -- I want it to grow, to expand with the input
of others who walk in bardic pathways.  Robin contributed opinions early
on that influenced the current form, Llereth pushed me to follow up on
an area where I just wasn't finding appreciable detail, and there is a
considerable debt owed to Ioseph for his foundational work as well as
encouragement.  But I'll never be "complete" with this set of research
results for as long as there are sources and resources I have not yet

Finnacan, have you ever given that article as an interactive class at an
event?  If you haven't, why in the heck not, and if you have, where the
heck was I not to notice?
> I'm not challenging the concept, I really wanna know. If the 
> college can be born anew with foundational practices that are 
> not otherwise provided, I'm all for it. 

And I'm for it, even if it is a case of gathering those foundational
resources into new and productive patterns.

> I have a few scars 
> from the early college myself, but it was working for some 
> people. It's failure to work for everyone led to some strong 
> feelings on both sides of the issue. If we can forge 
> something that works for everyone, I'm delighted to be involved.

If y/o/u/ we build it, they will come...

If it helps anyone to do so, just substitute "Guild" or "Gathering" or
"Special Interest Group" for "College" until the details get worked out
-- and beyond that, if it truly does help maintain your involvement.  We
need to stay beyond labels, here as elsewhere...
> So before we start talking charters, let's discuss those 
> foundations Robin was mentioning. Let's discuss them here 
> first, where more people can read and contribute. 

Well, under the circumstances, this forum and related communications are
where you'll be hearing from me at least until mid-February.

Foundations are not only the things that we speak of directly.  They are
also one of the things that get too often overlooked when we try to
build upon the institutions we create in the SCA -- we have this
tendency to look at the immediate state of a thing, throw up our hands,
and say "We have to start over again!"  Sometimes, that really is what
works best.  Not here, not for this (in my opinion).  

But we cannot allow ourselves to be so wrapped up in either the
emotional present or the remote past as to fail to borrow the best that
we can from each.  Do sashes, favors, or badges work for some?  Fine,
room can be made for them in the wider circle quite easily.  Some who do
their best work with instrumental forms?  WONDERFUL, let's all
appreciate what they bring to the circle.

And there is the most important foundation that I can offer to the
current discussion:  the Circle.  Some may speak at any given time, all
can see or hear (well, within the reasonable limits of voice, hearing,
and sight).  No end, no specific beginning necessary beyond a
willingness to be part of the circle.  And no requirement that it be the
perfect bit of geometry either... Just, please, let us keep away any who
would make it a circle of squares! <gryn>

> What is this thing gonna do?

To quote Ragnar Ulfgarsson, only slightly out of context:

"We'll sing 'em a song with great smiles on our faces
 For we are but merchants who've come here to trade."

OK, plying our trade as bards and entertainers, anyway...
> As a side note, let me clarify that all of you are my fellows 
> in the ring, College or no. We sweat and strive and pour our 
> hearts out together, and I've always got your back as a 
> performer. I felt that way when there was a College and I 
> feel that way now.

I was a bard in Ansteorra before there was a formal College of Bards,
I'll be a Bard for this life and beyond, and no matter the form of
organizations involved, I'll be a bard in the SCA for at least as long. 

> ~Finnacan
> The uglier half of the Bard of the Steppes

But how are we to *know* unless we see you side-by-side for a reminder?


Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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