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I am currently going through my archives i am posting the brief we
sent out in 1999.  and will post the charter as soon as i come to the
disk with it.

plz  the addresses,phone numbers and website links are from 1999 and
maynot be current

This is a copy of the letter that went out to all groups in 1999 this
is a bit of college history


I am Lady Simone Maurian Ui' Dunlainghe, coordinator of the New
Ansteorran Bardic College.

This Letter a Brief for you and your group of the activities and
projects of the College.  Along with briefing, you on our progress
sense our forming at coronation in January.  I would like to ask that
you share this information with your Populace, and all those
interested in the Bardic Arts.

At Coronation in January of 1999, the Bards in this Kingdom gathered
and voted to unanimously to start a new Bardic College.  Her Grace
Duchess Willow De Wisp brought this gathering.  Sense that meeting of
those bards in attendance, there have been meetings with other Bards
at various events across the kingdom, and laid the foundation for the
college.  We agreed that we did not want to make the mistakes of the
last two attempts of a bardic College in this kingdom.  We wiped the
slate clean and started over.  The new College started with the
Premises that the Bardic College should be an Organization dedicated
to Serving and providing information to the Bardic Community in this
Kingdom.  With a Primary Purpose to strengthen the Bardic Community
through the sharing of information, ideas, and techniques in formal
and informal gatherings.

To this end the first project undertaken which will remain an ongoing
and progressive project, Was the forming of the Ansteorran Bardic
College Website Called the Bardic Fire.  The Website offers on-line
resources for Bards in this kingdom that include Songs, Melodies,
Poetry, stories, Documentation, Contact information for Bards in the
Kingdom, Event listings, Resource links, A chat room and a bulletin

The second Project undertaken was the forming of informal gatherings
called Bardic Work Weekends.  These are sponsored by members of the
Bardic community once a Quarter.  The Location on where the work
weekend will be held each Quarter is dependent on who has volunteered
to hold it.  At this time, the Default Location for the Bardic Work
weekends is in the Barony of Elfsea.  The next Work Weekend is
scheduled for August 20-22.
At these work weekends the bards work on there skills, share Ideas,
discuss issues of the college, hold classes, and work on projects
concerning the college.

The third project is currently in the works is the formation of the
Bardic College Newsletter.  HL Robert Fitzmorgan of the Baron of
NorthKeep is the Editor of the newsletter and is now taking

The fourth Project in the works is 3 large volumes of Bardic material
which will be offered to the Populace once all the Permissions to
reprint are in from those authors with Copy written material, and
estates holding historical material.  These volumes will be offered
by;  E-mail.  FTP downloads. Mailed on Disk for the cost of the disk,
and mailed in a bound edition, the cost of which will be that of the
materials used o created the Bound volume (paper, ink, and binding
materials) along with Postage.

The fifth Project is that of setting down the guidelines of the
college.  The decision to establish guidelines is prompted by the
opinion of many that; the college needed to have guidelines in which
to follow.  We have decided to start with a first draft of the
Proposal, distributed to the Populace for Suggestions and commentary.
The commentary needs to be in by the end of 20th year celebration, so
that the comments can be taken into consideration for the second
draft.  This will be discussed at the bardic work weekend in August.
Then in September the second, draft will go out for commentary and
suggestions, With commentary due back by Oct 31.  The final draft will
be posted in November at the beginning of the Kingdom Eistenphode.

The following Pages will include information on these Projects to go
out to the Populace along with a Copy of the First draft of the
Proposed Guidelines for the Bardic College to be available for the
Populace.  I will have hard copies with me at events.  We ask that you
distribute the Proposal to the members of your Populace who would like
to make comments on it.  As well as a reading of the Proposal at your
local Populace meeting.

Your assistance in getting this Information on the bardic college out
to the Populace is greatly appreciated.

Lady Simone Maurian UI'Dunlainghe
Coordinator of the Ansteorran Bardic College

Bardic College Announcements

Bardic College website

The Bardic College Website has been formed.  It is called the Bardic
Fire. The URL is http://bardicfire.com.u4l
The Site is dedicated to the Bardic Arts, it contains performance
materials for bards, documentation, resource links, bulletin boards,
chat rooms, and a mailing list hosted at egroups.com called the Bardic

The Bardic Fire website continues to grow through submissions made by
the Bards in this kingdom.  Submissions are welcome from all, on all
topics concerning the bardic arts.  Including but not limited to
Original works, Documentation, research Papers, and teaching
materials.  The site is designed to support old and new bards alike.
Submissions can be sent to Lady Simone UI'Dunlainghe

Bardic Work Weekends

The college is sponsoring a bardic work weekend once every quarter.
The work weekends are designed to be an informal free workshop were
the bards of this kingdom can gather to share information, knowledge,
share skills, along with preserving original pieces written by members
of the bardic community in this kingdom.  At these work weekend we
also discuss issues and concerns of the college.  All bards are
encouraged to attend.  In addition, members of the Populace are
welcome.  At this, time the location of the Bardic Work weekends vary,
depending on which bard is sponsoring the work weekend.  The default
Location of the Bardic Work Weekend is in the Barony of Elfsea.  The
work weekends for the remainder of the year are scheduled for August
20-22, and Dec 3ed-5th.  Contact Lady Simone UI'Dunlainghe for
information concerning the location of upcoming work weekends of is
you are interested in sponsoring one in your area.

Bardic Newsletter

At this time, Submissions are being taken for the first Issue of the
Bardic College Newsletter.  HL Robert Fitzmorgan of the Barony of
NorthKeep has been selected to be the editor of the newsletter.  He is
asking for Submissions of Original Pieces, Guild information,
Documentation articles, informative articles, and instructional
articles, along with Artwork.  The first Issue of the Newsletter will
be free to the Populace.  Subscription information will be available
in the first issue.  For more information Contact HL Robert

Bardic College Offices

Premier Bard of Ansteorra                           Coordinator
(Executive head of the College)                  (Logistics,
secretary, and administrator)

Duchess Willow de Wisp                              Lady Simone
Maurian UI'Dunlainghe
(817) 794-0320                                                Margaret
( No calls after 10 please)                               3317 Littlejohn ave

  Fort Worth TX, 76105

  (817) 535 –1726 (No calls before 2pm m-f Please)

  margiejr at sprintmail.com

Newsletter Editor
HL Robert Fitzmorgan
Scott Fridenberg
Rt. 1 Box 386
Skiatook, OK 74070
(918)236-4036 (No calls after 10 please)
 scottf at webzone.net

Proposed Guidelines and Structure
For the Ansteorran Bardic College

With the forming of a new bardic college, comes the opinion that there
is a necessity for a few simple guidelines.  In order to preserve an
organization designed to assist, support and build up the Bardic
Community of Ansteorra.  To this end the following guidelines are
proposed as the rules for the charter of the New Bardic College and
are presented to you the populace of Ansteorra.

We would like to have your input, opinions, and suggestions on this
first draft so that we may truly represent the bardic community and
Kingdom as a whole.  We ask that all input on these guideline be sent
or given to Lady Simone Marrion Ui'Dunlaing Coordinator of the Bardic
College by the end of 20th year celebration.

This is just a proposal, or suggestion at this time.  We want Public
opinion before anything is set in stone.

You can contact Lady Simone in the following manner

Telephone: (817) 535-1726
E-mail: margiejr at sprintmail.com
Regular Mail: Margaret Risher  3317 Littlejohn ave, Fort Worth, TX 76105

Proposed Guidelines

The term "Bard" in this document is a general term used to refer to
all musicians, poets, storytellers, skalds, instrumentalists, actors,
and other performing artists.

The Proposed guidelines and there explanations are as follows:

1.	Any person wishing to be a "Bard" in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, has
only to claim they are.

•	The Bards in this kingdom have always been self-proclaimed.  This
policy has seen the rise of many good and well-respected Bards in this
kingdom.  It would seem foolish to change a policy that has worked so
well for the past two decades; hence, it remains, hopefully for
several more decades to come
•	No individual or group can tell a person that they are or are not a
bard.  Only the individual can decide for themselves whether or not
they are a Bard

2.	All bards are autonomous except in matter concerning the Bardic
Community as a whole.

•	Each Bard is an individual with there own style and personality,
hence the college does not mandate the type of Bardcraft an individual
bard must pursue.  Nor does a single Bard talk for the Bardic
Community as a whole

3.	The Bardic College is to remain forever non-political, those who
hold offices are but trusted servants, they do not govern.  They are
to work for the support of the Bardic Community as a whole.  Final
authority for the college comes from the Bardic Community as a whole.

•	The Bardic College does not have a political opinion.  Political
opinions are that of an individual and do not reflect that of the
college.  The college as an organization of service to the Bards of
our Kingdom, should not be compromised by the differences of political
opinions, or to be used for political gain, hence the college remains
neutral and non-political

5.	Individual Bards may hire themselves to anyone wishing to hire a Bard

•	Bards earn their keep by patronage; hence, a bard may be hired by
anyone choosing to hire a Bard.  It is not up to the college to say
which bards may hire themselves out or refer a bard for hire.  This is
an area between the Bard and the patron

6.	Membership in the Bardic College is open to anyone saying that he
or she is a bard.  Membership into the college can only be canceled by
the Bard not the college.

7.	The Premier Bard Of Ansteorra is chosen annually , by the customs
and traditions of the Bardic College.

8.	The primary purpose of the Bardic College is to strengthen the
Bardic Community through the sharing of information, ideas, and
techniques in formal and informal gatherings.

On 10/28/06, Genie Barrett <maggie.gene at justinanimator.com> wrote:
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> >I was not talking maing a charter ...we already have one. WE have a
> >COLLEGE dormant as it may be.
> >
> >IF you want I can repost the charter was agreed on by a 2/3 majority
> >of the bards whom answered the census when Daffyd and Octavia were on
> >the thone.
> >
> >Simone
> Please post it?  I would really like to see what it says.
> Maggie
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