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> *One might wonder then how the "period" bards did it. I'm not sure there
> was "professional voice training" available in the 11th century. *

I expect that "period" bards probably got more respect and attention when
performing for a hall than we do.  If the bard has a patron in the local
Noble then I imagine that most people will be attentive, or at least silent
out of respect for the noble even if they don't care for the bard.  Also as
bards and minstrels were pretty much the only entertainment someone was
likely to see other than what they created for themselves, you would likely
want to listen to them.  I don't have any research to back that up it's just
my feeling.

*Perhaps they did what (I believe) Sean Connary did which was to go down to
> the sea and try to project over the roaring of the surf. (I may be mixing up
> my stories but I think I remember reading about some actor who did this.)
> *

   I hadn't heard that but it's a good story.


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