[Bards] Unanswered questions and quandries on my readability

Charles O Floinn thorn at raf662bravo.com
Mon Oct 30 21:28:16 PST 2006

I'm interested in whether our performers think we're being put to our best
use?  Is there more that we, as performers would like to do at events, or is
our current practice satisfying for the performers of our kingdom.
Are the performers throughout the kingdom satisfied with the level and
extent that they are used during events? In court? During feast? At the list
field?  Do the dancers dance as often as they used to?  Do they want to?
Please, good gentles, let us discuss this topic and see where it might lead.

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate

Honorable Lord,

No, I do not feel sufficiently used, nor have I seen any demand, request, or
even a mere passing thought to use any performer at ANY event other than

I do NOT count bardic circles in my consideration for the answer to this
question.  I look at dead minutes at the lists where everyone is just
waiting for the next round instead of anyone stepping forward and bursting
out in an almost spontaneous Bard moment.  I look at Feasts where the only
thing filling the air is the sound of tables and chairs being moved and
china being laid out before the serving begins.  I look at times when judges
actually had to ask if someone or a bard might step forward and do something
while they deliberated between rounds of a titled bard competition.  I look
at campfires where two or three bards try to start at the same time because
of their enthusiasm.  Or where a second bard raises their voice in harmony
to (or in counter-point with another song that fits so well into the gaps
of) a song the first began because they too love that song.

As for if there is more we can do, more we can do at events, or if we are
satisfied with the current practices in our kingdom, I feel a resounding and
even deafening NO coming on.  Otherwise, I do not believe this wonderful
response of over two hundred posts would have happened.

Up until this topic, it appeared that bards were willing to go quietly into
the abyss.  If the only use for a bard is to prove their selves by winning a
title, then we surely have slipped well down the slippery slope.  Yet here
we are discussing the very questions you have asked us to consider.  How are
we doing?

Charles O Floinn
I compete against myself and share the results with others.

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<TAP TAP TAP>sibilance, sibilance, sibilance.

10 days, several hundred emails, and a lot of conjecture on whether we
should just throw people out of the hall and have the bards take over.
Robin, Simone, and Willow are all ready to start up the college again, and
there are a lot who like the idea.  We even discovered that we had a bardic
web site for Ansteorra (Who'da thunkit!)!

But as I sit here I have been able to count two (that's 2) answers to my
original question.  I'm almost positive that question has sparked a lot of
the conversation here, but I haven't had any answers.  Hundreds of emails
(no, really!); two answering messages to the original question.

My readability - I'm wondering if my argument structure and word choice are
so wickedly inciteful that people just "get it",no need to add anymore...
or if I'm in a number of delete rules on different mail clients.

Simone, good luck finding the charter.  Willow, if you have a copy of the
old charter, is there ANY way you can post it to this list?

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate

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