[Bards] Unanswered questions //Bardic College/// and Eisteddfod

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Tue Oct 31 02:07:42 PST 2006

Yes it is very much so I had a wonderful time even with being outed LOL and Madog does a wonderful perofrmance I enjoy so much listening to both Madog and Gerald at any event that I happen to attend and they both performe.. And thank you  Gerald praise from such a worthy and wonderful talent such as your self is praise indeed 
  thank you again 
  Lady Gwen
Snip>>>>   The populace is entertained, the performers are usually more than willing to
point out a talent (I do believe that Lady Gwen had a perfect opportunity to
witness this first hand, hence her comment about talking under her breath
while sitting next to Maddog (himself a wonderful performer). It turns out
Lady Gwen has a WONDERFUL voice and it was put to good use), and all with
enough theatricality on the part of the baron to bring attention to the
performances.           end snip <<<<<<<

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