[Bards] new to the list do not shoot the question asker

lburgin lburgin at gt.rr.com
Tue Oct 31 05:26:49 PST 2006

The only planned Bardic at Melees is the Baronial Champion competition. I 
don't have any firm when or where yet, but our champion has specificaly 
requested that it be at such a time as the fighters can compete. There is 
aways a bardic circle at my camp (Bladesong) on Saturday night.  I thought 
it would be great to have a circle at gate like Master Ihon has been 
encouraging, but the gate will be "outside" this year to cut down on people 
sneaking in (unfortunately it has become a problem). The gate is pretty far 
away from everything. I will not be able to be there until Friday evening, 
but I feel any circle would be most welcome. I love the Loch's challenge 
scenario, and will mention it to Armand. Maybe we can get something similar 
going. I hope to see you all there. AmberLea

> Hey, aren't we all planning on Bordermarch Melees?  Since it's looking 
> like
> such a lovely 3+ day event, do you have any ideas who, where, when bardic
> circles are planned?

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