[Bards] no suger coating on this

jerryn at houston.rr.com jerryn at houston.rr.com
Tue Oct 31 11:43:36 PST 2006

Cisco, if I might point out a few inconsistencies.

Going to a movie, where months have been spent on a single shot, where 
hundreds of people are working together, and reshoots are not 
uncommon, where soundtracks are recorded, re-recorded, then mixed to a 

Bardic competitions are done by amateur performers who do this as a 
hobby, who receive no payment for their work other than wordfame and 
praise and the occasional bauble (though some of those baubles are 
VERY pretty).

As Michael already pointed out, one of the underlying messages coming 
out of all of these posts is a desire to communicate better, with 
ourselves and the rest of the world.  If you're feeling that your area 
isn't being called upon, part of what we're trying to figure out.

In the end, I don't really see anything to apologize about.

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate


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