[Bards] no suger coating on this

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Hehe - And I thought they followed me for my mead.  :)

Not all events are well suited to bardic circles, and if your group only has one event a year, it is especially tough.  Still, it's not impossible - you just have to get creative.  One idea I like is that if you have people crashing at your place, then try hosting a bardic circle the night before the event at your place and invite others to attend.  Your house guests become either a captive audience, or are bards who can perform. :)  I'd love to be invited to crash at someone's house for an event knowing that bardic was going to be happening that night!  

The easiest way to get a bardic circle on the schedule is to volunteer to organize one and talk to the autocrat to work out the logistics.  If it's a wet site, it's good to call your nearest brewers guild too!  Then put the word out!


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Alden, my dear, have you ever considered that you have developed a following because you are GOOD?
Your friends follow you around, because when they do, they have FUN. :-)
But it is hard to find a place for a bardic circle, especially when everything a group must do in one year must be crammed into one event -- or even two, in a Barony's case.
Just one woman's opinion.

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