[Bards] apology and restatement.

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 31 16:36:48 PST 2006


God willing we can see each other perform, and maybe we can lock horns on the competition circuit some day :) 

and I didn't really take any offense, so much as I realized that I "was" piratically screaming at my computer as I typed the missive in question.

To clarify, I'm not  apologizing for what I said, so much as the attitude with which I said it and the realization that saying it served little purpose given what WAS being said by calmer people than myself.

Thank you again for understanding.


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>  Great point Ivo.  We do need to have better communication & WE need to be
>the ones to initiate it.  We should also come together either officially or
>unofficially (I am in favor of the College) and make a sort of united
>front.  We are Ansteorran bards, join us or enjoy us!
>  Also, no apology is needed and you should stand by your statements.  It's
>always great to see someone who feels so passionately about a topic & voice
>their opinion in such a coherent way.  I would would like to apologize if
>you took offense to what I said.  My words came from what I have seen.  You
>have different experiences and will have different opinions.  I in no way
>meant to say that you were "wrong" or belittle your statements.  No harm and
>I look forward to watching you perform one day!

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