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Esther <reese_esther at yahoo.com> wrote:    So, how can we butter up the landed, and make them think this is peachy keen, and The Way to Play?
  **Look michael... snipage!**
  Esther - 
  I have yet to meet landed nobles who did not at least take such ideas into consideration. I think we often forget that Landed Nobles in particular have one heck of a job on their shoulders... and it simply may not have occured to them to put forth something like what Baron William does... or they may not have all the blockas they need. 
  (Yeah - I know it sounds like an excuse...)
  However... we all have landed nobles we know and care for. Talk with them. Get to know their ideas and then help them put those ideas into motion. Even if this happens slowly at least it happens. I've also noticed that "Cousins" often like to tease their relations... its lovely to play on that as well....
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