[Bards] The Rise of Taliesin

Peter Schorn peterschorn at pdq.net
Thu Apr 19 18:05:51 PDT 2007

Holy crap!  Thank you, Susanne of the Steppes! --not least because your link
brought me to the vicinity of this, by the same band:


No video, but with lyrics like this, you make your own...

Rise Of Taliesin

See the winter is coming
Falling leaves dance to a silent tune
I`ll take their hands I`ll make them stand
When they`re all alone
Years passed and the dawn of light
Spread through time to leave tales behind

The Queen of witches
Gathered the wisdom
For a year and a day
Gwion takes care of the cauldron

The spell is broken
Flown into the youth
They`re hunting and chasing
Through the hills and braes

The queen of witches
swallowed the young lad
So in year and a day
Taliesin the wise rose from the dead

Praise the one who breaks the circle
The one who dyes all grey away
Laud the army of dwarves and elves
Companions for the final day

Now see the man in legends veiled
A wise, a brave, of fortune hailed
Now hear the man and his flaming rhyme
Divinely anthems for glorious times

The king of mortal
And the source of wisdom
For a year and a day
Taliesin`s the guard of the cauldron (more)

OK, I'm just twee enough to enjoy the fusion of historical Welsh literary
figures, neopaganism and Tolkien/Lewis fantasy tropes.  Don't found a
religion based on this or I'll have to hurt you.

The band's name is SuidAkrA.  It's--_Iesu Grist!_--A German metal

Well, _machs nichts_.  Send them money.  Buy their stuff.

And Catrin ferch Malgwyn--are you Malgwyn Dda's daughter???? 

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