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The Silver Branch Bardic Network is mostly for Bards (non-SCA) in the UK and
thereabouts, though it's by no means exclusive. They hold their own
eisteddfodau over there, and though I've never participated myself and am
not exactly familiar with how they're run I thought I might share the format
of this one.

Point of interest: if you drew a triangle around Bath-Swindon-Salisbury,
that's the area I'm from, so I like to keep up with news from home ^_^ .
Also, Ash Mandrake is an absolutely fascinating character.

In Service to the Dream,
Cuillioc "Quill"


Bard of Bath Competition Theme: "The Biggest Lie"

Hi Folks,

The search has begun for the next Bard Of Bath.

The next holder of The Bardic Chair of Caer Badon will be decided by
open competition with a panel of judges.
The competition will be held on the 8th of December at a location in
Bath (to be decided).

The theme is: "The Biggest Lie"

The requirements will be:
1/ Submission of a manifesto, outlining what you intend to do as
Bard of Bath
2/ Submission of the lyrics/words to your song/poem
3/ Performance of the piece from memory on the night of the
competition (approx 10 mins).

Details of the deadline and address for submission in will be provided in
early October.

Further details will be posted on my myspace site at

Best wishes,

Ash Mandrake
(The Bard of Bath)

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