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Wed Aug 29 14:20:16 PDT 2007

Pardon me for being young and unseasoned, but...
What kind of Bardic happens at 9AM?! On a Sunday no less! At the time when
all good Christians ought to be dutifully sleeping in their pews, when the
only appropriate recitations are of age-old prayers and the only songs come
from the prepubescent throats of choir boys.

I seem to have fallen under the impression that daylight is a Bardic no-no.
It's a shame I am otherwise engaged with Gothic, else I would be most
interested to see what happens to a story told this other side of dawn. For
the sake of the winner, I pray that entertainment at such hours isn't a
requirement of the job!

Furthermore I should say that any populace which can pay due heed to a Bard
at that time, especially with consideration for the likely activities of the
previous night, is a formidable one indeed, and I for one am rather glad to
know they'll be far away from my friends at Gothic.Ouch.

Amusedly in service to The Dream,

In the past I have been informed that the SCA as a whole carefully avoids
appearing religiously affiliated and that for the most part its players
leave their faith of choice at home when they come out to play, and that
being the case I have been warned that it might be unwise to make comments
like the ones above, especially in public forum... so I just thought I'd add
a little disclaimer to say that such references were meant to be taken "in
persona" -ish (because religion and Christianity in particular would have
played a major part in my persona's life) and not chalked up to me
bible-bashing the community at large.

Of course I'm happy to say I believe anyone should be able to sleep through
the religious ceremony of their choice at any time of the week.

(who rather hopes someone finds this as humorous as he did...)
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