[Bards] Bards going to Gulf Wars

Melody Soice melodysoice at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 22:38:13 PST 2007

To anaswer two emails with one--I am looking forward both to attending Gulf 
War and to learning the Anthem.  Thanks Finnacan, for posting the words.  I 
hope to be singing it in the minivan by the end of the week.    ;-)

Gerald, who's running the Ansteorran circle this year?  Are you really not 
going to be able to make it?  <wine, wimper>  What needs to be done?


>From: Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair <donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us>
>Subject: Re: [Bards] Bards going to Gulf Wars
>Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 22:45:40 -0600
>Speaking of inspiring our warriors to glory and our people to cheer, I
>have something I would like to see done and I will need the help of
>other bards.  I would like to have a group of bards singing the new
>"Anthem of the Arms" with the populace doing the chant of An-ste-or-ra
>while we march to the field.  For those of you who were at Eisteddfod,
>this was the final piece done by our our new Kingdom Bard Finnacan.  I
>have already spoken to him and unfortunately life will not allow him to
>go to war with us.  I think this would be a glorious way to announce
>ourselves to our friends and foes alike as we prepare to do battle.  So
>my question is who among you would be willing to learn this piece by
>Gulf Wars and perform it with me?  I have heard that the tune and the
>lyrics will be published in the next Black Star, and maybe they will get
>posted here as well (hint hint).
>For love of the dream, I remain,
>Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
>Baron of Namron
>Gerald Norris wrote:
> > I am curious as to how many of our bards within the kingdom are planning 
> > going to Gulf Wars this year?  How many plan to participate in the
> > Ansteorran Bardic Circle that's becoming a tradition?  How many will 
> > the fires, sing the songs, and tell the stories and poems that will 
> > our warriors to glory and our people to cheer?
> >
> >
> > In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
> > HL Gerald of Leesville
> > A bard of Stargate

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