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I'm a bit unusual (nothing new, I know), in that I will enter bardic in performance A&S venues as well as static A&S venues.  I like having an original piece written in period style judged from both perspectives.  It helps me grow as a performer and as an author.  That being said, I am not competing in Kingdom A&S this year in either a performance art, or a static art for a few reasons.  Static Arts: I do not feel that my static arts are quite to the point I'd like them to be at for competing on the kingdom level, though my plan is for them to be by next year.  Performance Arts: I am only recently at a point where I feel comfortable performing at the kingdom level, but I do not feel ready to take my performance art to Gulf Wars to have it judged against all arts.  If there was a Performance Art competition at GW separate from static arts, I'd probably reconsider.  

While I agree with Duchess Willow that Kingdom A&S doesn't seem condusive to performers (I can't speak from first hand account yet), I do appreciate the fact that it does give performers an additional venue to shine at, and would encourage bards, who do feel ready to compete at that level, to get out and show your stuff.  I agree too, that having three performance artists isn't too bad, when you compare it to the number of area-specific artisans.

Is the Kingdom Artisan automatically chosen as one of the GW artisan participant?  Is the Kingdom Bard?  Or must the Kingdom Bard compete an additional time at Kingdom A&S to be so chosen?

As to combining Eisteddfod and Kingdom A&S, I agree with Finnacan.  Some performance artists are also static artists, and may want to compete in both arenas, but not simultaneously.  I don't think any Kingdom Champion should be held in conjunction with another.  The year I competed in Eisteddfod, Steppes also hosted the Royal Huntsman - yup...I'm also a bit of an archer and compete in RH whenever I can, but I couldn't commit to both championships that year. :(

HL Alden Drake

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Greetings unto the list!

So, there are only three performance entries
pre-registered for Kingdom A&S. That's a bit

Is there any particular reason? How would the bardic
community feel about the possibility of merging
Eisteddfod and Kingdom A&S?


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