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There is not a separate bardic that is part of the A&S war point.  At some point there was but it just didn't work out.  At some point also the Kingdom Bard automatically went to war, but that didn't really work out either.  Master Ihon is working on a venue for bardic at the war that lends itself to the performer as well as the audience.  This year will be experimental.  GW participants are chosen based on top scores at Kingdom A&S and if a bardic performance is at the top of the scores, then there will be an opportunity for them to perform at war and be judged.
  I feel as if the Bardic community has begun on a road to building something that is better than we have ever seen here in this Kingdom before (and I've seen some great bardic here) but the Bards have to continue to fan the fires started at Eistedfodd.  I know my replacement will strive to support the Bardic Arts just as I have.  We have so many talented people.

Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Is the Kingdom Artisan automatically chosen as one of the GW artisan participant? Is the Kingdom Bard? Or must the Kingdom Bard compete an additional time at Kingdom A&S to be so chosen?

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