[Bards] And so begins a new year

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Sat Jan 13 22:02:48 PST 2007

I have another question.

This pertains to Eisteddfod.

What set of events caused this Eisteddfod to be so relaxed, joyful, riddled
with laughter and good-natured cajoling, and so well-attended by some of the
finest bards in the kingdom?  

Better yet, how do we continue this?  How do we make it the norm?

We saw at least two bards for whom this was their first Eisteddfod
competition, who handled themselves well.  How do we encourage more bards to
step up to the bar, practice their work, and try to wield their craft well
in that one moment when they are amongst other fine wordspinners,
songweavers, and tellers of great tales?  Was it setting?  Weather?  Format?
Something Melody put in the lemon-water?

For my part I was humbled to be in such company (though obviously not
quiet!).  When Finnacan finished his second piece, Kat looked at me and
asked, "Can we concede?"  I answered, "Don't do it.  Make the judges work
for their money."

Finnacan, I wish you luck in your quest, to keep that spirit in the
community of bards, and I'll promise my whole-hearted support in that

For the rest of you, we've got another year to work on our craft; to bring
the best of something new and mix it with something old and share our
talents and our works with our friends and any who will sit through it.
Some were unable to be there for uncontrollable reasons, and many whom I
have talked to shake their head, much as Shakespeare wrote in Henry V,
wishing that they could have been there.  To them I wish luck and
encouragement to try to once again attend the call and step up to the line.
To those who have aprehension at taking the challenge of competing for
Kingdom Bard, I can promise you that any mistakes you may make will be made
in the best possible company in which to make them.  Each of us will feel
the same anxiety that you feel, and will commiserate and try to one-up each
other on the worst possible flubs in performance in SCA history.  

So.  Think about it.  Share your views, opinions, and ales.

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate 

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