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Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Sun Jan 14 16:48:13 PST 2007

At 10:19 AM 1/14/2007, you wrote:
>Greetings Fellow bards, troubadores, jongulars, poets, skalds, 
>poets, minstrals...and any other term that may include us!
>At Kingdom A&S I have procured a room, this room is for my challange 
>I made upon this list in December of a challenge  As well as 
>entertaining peices on a theme let this be a social place to come 
>and share a verse, to meet and talk of song and story! This is not a 
>meeting, it's not a competition, it's just an excuse to come out and play!
>Come join me at this wonderous event to meet the challange on the 
>theme "Bards and Heros" I plan to arange Some snakies and drinks as 
>well. Let us join together once aain for Comaraderie and bard craft. 
>Let the feeling and mood we began at Eistedfodd continue on and let 
>all the Kingdom know what wonders of story verse and song the bards 
>of ansteorra can give unto them!
>IN Faith
>Darius of the Bells, Ol

If I remember correctly, I agreed to accept this challenge....

Yes, yes I did!

See you there, but please understand, that I will be competing in the 
performance part of A&S so it will have to be around that performance....

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