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Our room is pretty well open all day with no schedule that way those like you who are courageous souls and wish to compete in the KA&S performance section should not have to choose one or the other! By all means go compete and make your fellow bards proud!

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    Greetings Fellow bards, troubadores, jongulars, poets, skalds, poets, minstrals...and any other term that may include us!
    At Kingdom A&S I have procured a room, this room is for my challange I made upon this list in December of a challenge  As well as entertaining peices on a theme let this be a social place to come and share a verse, to meet and talk of song and story! This is not a meeting, it's not a competition, it's just an excuse to come out and play!
    Come join me at this wonderous event to meet the challange on the theme "Bards and Heros" I plan to arange Some snakies and drinks as well. Let us join together once aain for Comaraderie and bard craft. Let the feeling and mood we began at Eistedfodd continue on and let all the Kingdom know what wonders of story verse and song the bards of ansteorra can give unto them!
    IN Faith
    Darius of the Bells, Ol

  If I remember correctly, I agreed to accept this challenge....

  Yes, yes I did!

  See you there, but please understand, that I will be competing in the performance part of A&S so it will have to be around that performance....



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