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I'll send you a message off-line with the details.  Certainly you may have
permission to print the lyrics in the book.  If the performance on the
tape/CD is not Baldwin's, we also need to talk about a mechanical license.  





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My citation for Burden of the Crown in the Redwulf Songbook is as follows:

This song is by Baldwin of Erebor (Derek Foster).

C 1979, all rights reserved

Published in Tournaments Illuminated #60


Many apologies for using it without express permission. It was originally
put in with no citation at all (taken down from an oral performance of the
piece by someone who had no idea who the author was.)  Later I tracked down
publication information and cited it in a way appropriate for the time, but
as we've been talking about, times have changed.


May I have your permission? Should the citation be changed?  And of course,
I completely understand if you want me to pull it from the book.


Very best,




On Jun 6, 2007, at 12:31 AM, Ken Theriot wrote:

There are some serious copyright problems with this book, and any
reproduction and/or distribution of it is not legal.  I actually administer
at least one copyright in this collection (Burden of the Crown.Raven Boy
Music is the publisher), and was never asked for permission to print the
lyrics.  I don't know what version of the recording was used on these tapes,
but if it is Baldwin's from his CD "Welcome to the Current Middle Ages,"
then that is an additional violation since we were not asked permission.
Now I'm certainly not saying that I wouldn't grant permission.  But nobody
has even asked.  I can't say for sure whether permission was granted for the
Archie Fisher and Stan Rogers songs and other songs under active copyright
(Mercedes Lackey, Silly Wizard, etc.).  But if not, those are further
violations.  Are you in violation if you download this book?  Probably not.
But if you make copies and give them away (yes, even if it is NOT for
profit), then you have crossed the line.  The administrators of this site
are most certainly in violation of copyright law, as are the people who made
and distributed the tapes.


Before we advertise and distribute this book, much work needs to be done to
make it legal.




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