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Here are the lyrics with appropriate accompanying information.  Pleae do not
put it into any music books that are not your own private collections:

Bow to the Crown

Bow to the Crown 		
Bow to the Throne
And bow to the one whose favour you own
Remember their eyes are watching the fray
Then bow to each other
And fight as you may 
Honour the Crown
And think on their duty
The champions of right and of all we should be
The greatest of burdens, the highest renown
The first ones to rise
And the last to lie down      CH 

Honour the one
Whose favour you bear
And strive in their honour to ever be fair
And think on their faith when the battle's begun
And let them be proud of whatever you've won      CH
Honour your foe
And keep your aim true
Remember they fight with the same heart as you
Trust in their judgment of all that you throw
For they are a part of the valour you show      CH (twice)

Written for Ealdormere Crown Tourney I, April 4, 1998.
Mistress Marion of Heatherdale
(Words and music by Heather M. Dale
C1998, Amphisbaena Music - http://www.heatherdale.com)

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I just spoke with Ben (Heather's partner) about the subject so as to ensure
we don't mess with the intellectual property issues.  Here is how they would
like to handle this:

1. She's happy to have a couple of informal sets of lyrics floating about,
especially in "the community" - for nonpaying situations, research,
articles, etc - but if people would like the full sets of lyrics to all the
songs, they should please buy the songbooks & CDs, since this is our
2. Any use of the lyrics must be accompanied by appropriate copyright
information (copyright Amphisbaena Music, date (1998 in the case of Bow To
The Crown), and a reference to the website www.heatherdale.com - that way,
hey, at least people can go buy the albums ;-)

So please do not post the lyrics anywhere without the above information
along with.  And if you can afford it, buy her CDs or songbooks.  Heather
and Ben tour almost non-stop and this is the way they earn their living.


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Woops. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, I have her permission for that  
The oral transmission was on "Belt and Chain."

Sigh. It's what I get for answering emails while working on homework.  
(Indirect speech and infinitives this afternoon.)


On Jun 25, 2007, at 3:11 PM, Alden Drake wrote:

> I have Mistress Marian of Heatherdale's contact info.  Let me see if
> she'll give me permission to post the lyrics on this list.
> HL Alden Drake
> Izzy wrote:
>> Speaking of which. Does anyone have the lyrics of "Bow to the Crown"
>> available?
>> Thanks
>> Izzy
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