[Bards] Westgate's Bards & Garb Collegium

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 27 12:28:07 PDT 2007

Fellow bards,
I currently have 11 classes on the schedule, and the autocrat informs me 
that we have more class rooms available to fill.  In light of that, I'm 
thinking of adding something a little more colorful to the schedule than 
just classes.  In the style of the Bardic Madness events of Northshield 
and the Mid-Realm, I'm thinking about adding Challenges.

Basically, anyone can be the patron of a challenge, and anyone who 
wishes to participate in the challenge is free to.  It's not a 
competition, so everyone who participates is a winner.  For some 
examples of challenges, check out http://www.minstrel.com/ncb/bmxvi.htm 
and http://tilted-windmill.com/bms8/challenges.html.  If you would like 
to host a challenge, please email your challenge to me.  Each challenge 
will get approximately 30 minutes of playtime.

I'll go ahead and host a couple challenges.  1) "These Are the People in 
Your Neighborhood" - perform a piece *about* someone you know in the 
SCA, and 2) "I Didn't Write This, But I know Who Did!" - perform a piece 
*written by* someone you know in the SCA.  I'll give a bit of largess to 
my favorite performer in each challenge.

In service,

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