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Interpretation of copyright law shifts every few years, so a hard and  
fast answer is difficult.

In general, individuals and record companies do not sue people who  
print off copies of lyrics for personal use, that were posted on the  
web. Instead, they bring action against the owner of the domain name  
where the lyrics were posted. (And even that usually amounts to them  
just making the owner take it down-- unless the owner of the domain  
was selling advertising, or deriving an income from the site somehow,  
in which case, they want to be paid royalties for use of the songs.)

However-- though I used to keep up with copyright in my profession,  
I've swapped fields-- so that's how it was 5 years ago. The trend has  
been for the interpretation of the law to become more and more  
conservative. (Long ago, there was a very generous "fair use"  
interpretation that covered most of all this. But that is completely  
and utterly gone now.)

So... if it were me, I'd print anything I found, stick it in a three  
ring binder, use it for my own personal ho hos, and know that I  
should never ever sell it, or distribute it widely without getting  
permission from all the authors.


On Jun 5, 2007, at 2:21 PM, Cisco Cividanes wrote:

> Okay,
> to Maggie,
> Thank you for the links to the book. I have already printed it off and
> it now has a home in a huge 3-ring binder I just put together.
> To Rhiannon and the balance of those commenting about Copyright.
> to help me out here, do any of you know of an existing document on  
> line
> (withing the context of the SCA) that I should just avoid printing  
> at all?
> I'm not trying to minimize the copyright issue, but frankly I am just
> trying to get a library put together on paper, I'll trust to others to
> teach me the tunes  as I can learn them over time.
> That being said. I have one song book in my binder, any others out  
> there?
> Ivo
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