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Thank you for the wonderful after-action report, Maggie. Sounds like it
was a marvelous event and a great bardic in which to participate! I've
added it to my calendar for next year in the hopes I can go, just from
your word fame alone. 

And congrats on winning!



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Hello all,

I just got home from a great weekend in Northkeep.

I was able to attend Castelon, and had a great time.  Having never 
been there before, I was ill prepared to compete for the Castelon 
title, and having been ill all week I couldn't fight, but I decided 
to enjoy myself by competing in the bardic competition.  They have a 
really fun format there.

You are given a small bag of stones and a very loud bit of 
cloth.  The cloth is to allow the other competitors to recognize you, 
and the stones are for the winner.  GRIN

The competitors find someone to judge them and then challenge each 
other to a performance.  Each bard gives the judge a stone.  The 
judge is taken from the populace, and can be just about anyone.  The 
person the judge likes better gets both stones.  The three people 
with the highest number of stones are in the final round.  It was fun 
to perform in different places to different people all day.

The final round is an original piece written to a subject given at 
afternoon court.  We got the subject of "castle" or "keep".  We had 
about an hour to write it.

I had a blast.  I met many new people, because I had to ask them to 
judge or compete against me.  Sadly, I remember no names, but the two 
I competed against in the final round had both beat me during the 
day.  One is a young lady of 10 or so years, who won the children's 
bardic in her age group, again (she won it last year, too).  The 
other was a finalist at Warlord as well.  I am sorry, I have heard 
your name, but so fast that nothing stuck.

We performed our pieces during feast.

The winner was announced with the rest of the winners of the day at 
evening court.

I have never competed in a bardic like this.  It was less stressful, 
and sometimes more stressful, than a standard competition.  I had a 
fun time accosting those I competed against. Think, "I challenge you 
to a bardic duel." in all the grandiose and silly attitude you can 
muster.  I challenge all of you to come next year and take the title
from me.

GRINS  Besides, there's a huge piece of amber and a really cool 
lantern as loot.

And the mother in me can't finish this missive without a little 
brag.  My daughter, Emmah, won the bardic competition for her age 
group with a period story she chose herself.

Maggie MacPherson
Glaslyn's Bardic Defender
Northkeep Bard

Here's a copy of my piece.  The rhyming isn't consistent, but...

by Maggie MacPherson

Set to the tune of Burden of the Crown

As I approach this castle the walls are soaring high.
The guards patrol the towers as only friends draw nigh.
The breeze now stirs the banners I see the sable tower,
I walk across the drawbridge and enter your warm hall.

Your baron smiles and greets me, his lady at his side.
And though the storms are coming your arms are open wide.
And through the rain and thunder comes laughter's joyous song.
This is my first impression as I come to Castelon.

Knights teach and want to help me, and laurels share their song,
A baron shares his welcome and bards sing loud and long.
Each lord and lady smiles as they enjoy the day,
And long years pass behind me 'ere I forget my stay.

(Permission granted to use for the Voices of the Star, if appropriate.)

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