[Bards] "Still Sword 'n' Shield for Me"

Kathy Elliott bardkat at houston.rr.com
Wed Jun 6 16:13:16 PDT 2007

Really?!?  I had no idea Vlad had written that!  (And I was camped right
next to him at the war, too!)

Hmmm ... Now to track him down ...

Thanks for the lead, Cadfan!

~ Kat

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>Does anyone know if the lyics to "It's Still Sword and Shield to Me" 
>are available anywhere?  I think this may have been written by Don 
>Alden, but I'm not positive.  (I remember him singing it many years ago 
>- maybe with one of his cadets?)

>It's a filk of Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me."

That is actually by Lord Vlad Ravna, called Starkraven, mundanely Lyndon
Joslin, a Houston radio personality (traffic reporter and now commentator).
He was at the most recent Gulf Wars, by the way.

Alden, however, made it famous.

Kinda like how everyone thinks Jimmy Hendrix wrote "All Along the

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