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Wed Nov 14 14:55:02 PST 2007

Our Medieval Studies department got to see a free pre-screening thing of
Beowulf last night. In 3D and everything. It was good, but I don't think
I'll spend any of my own money on seeing it again for awhile. (Got to like a
film in which Bards feature heavily though. Brillo!) I could talk about its
pros and cons for hours if anyone wants to hear, but for now I'll go against
my natural urges and try not to spoil it for anyone. (Because, you know,
none of /us/ have read this story, right?)((Except... don't take your kids
to see it.))

However, I have a request for anyone who goes to see it after it comes out
officially this weekend; thus, if you have plans to do so, could you please
maybe email me so I can tell you what I want? It has to do with a harp and
lyrics. (I was just going to describe the song I'm interested, but I don't
want to risk the tiniest hint of spoilage and have someone show up tomorrow
with tar and feathers. It's happened before.)

"Always, a hero comes home..."
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