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Kathy Elliott bardkat at comcast.net
Sat Nov 24 19:52:38 PST 2007

(Forwarded by request - Kat)

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If anyone is planning on making it to Gulf Wars....

The Gleann Abhann Bardic College is planning a 3 day Bardic Havoc track of
classes, Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday, as well as with some repeats and other
bardic classes on Friday and Saturday.

We are looking for Anyone who would be willing to teach a class on any
aspect of Bardic activities.

If you are coming, and would be willing to teach a class during Gulf Wars,
please let me know off list, so I can pass the info on to the class
co-ordinator.  My email is  mlaf @ sbcglobal.net

We need to know the following info:

SCA name and titles,
Mundane name
preferred day and time frame ( early / late morning or early / late
Title of class
Brief description
length of class
minimum/maximun number of students
cost, if any.
contact info.



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