[Bards] Not going to Tor or 12th night

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I saw this email and was very saddened.  I know that you have to do what is best for you and your family, but I hop that we will still see you at Kraggenworth, your Grace.  We would all miss you there.  Don't be a stranger.


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Dear folks Greetings from Duchess Willow and family

I told a lot of you I would be at Tor's Yule Revel but it turns out that that is Richard graduation day. This is a special day for our family and I must put it above the SCA. I am sorry and I hope you all have  a good time.

Also due to problems I am having with my local SCA i will not be at 12th night. I have been advised to stay out of the SCA until such time as I am comfortable with it again. Since the policies that are making me unhappy are not going to be changed I have no idea when I will be returning. I am looking to be creative with groups outside of the central so if you have an idea that might be fun and need my help I would loved to take part. Think of it as a way to help an exiled Duchess.

willow Taylor 
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