[Bards] Harvest Tales

Thomas gemartt at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 25 03:55:50 PDT 2007

Greetings one and all, 

Bryn Gwlad will be celebrating a harvest faire
with various competitions and contests this 
weekend.  You are invited to attend this event:

Throughout the day, people are encourged to 
enjoy the bartering faire or bearbaiting or 
enter something in the harvest contest.  You 
may have a prize-winning sheep or barleycorn  
to boast as the best in these fair lands!  

Perhaps you have an interesting tale as how  
you acquired an amazing gaggle, herd, or peck.  
This is a challenge for bards as well as 
ostlers, harvesters or huntsmen.  How well 
can you tell the tale of your crop or cow?

I am offering a special prize for the 
most amazing harvest item presented to me
at this event, be it a gaudy gourd or an  
evocative eggplant, a horrendous hogweed,
any medieval fruit of unusual size or shape,  
magical nuts or great pumpkin!  A good story 
or imaginative presentation is encouraged. 

This is a contest for all ages.  Entries 
may be presented to me throughout the day 
and will be displayed near the throne.  They 
will be judged and honored at the feast.  

I hope to see you soon! 
    Baron Thomas

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