[Bards] The Badge of the Bards of Ansteorra

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Tue Sep 25 11:09:40 PDT 2007

At 04:04 PM 9/24/2007, you wrote:
>Many years ago, the Queen's College of Bards registered the badge "Or, a
>mullet of five greater and five lesser points within the frame of an Irish
>harp sable."  It's great armory, and clearly says both Ansteorran and Bard.

For those of us who don't speak Herald so well,  An Ansteorran star 
inside a black Irish harp on a gold background.  :D

>To commemorate the occasion, I brought several mugs with the badge on it
>(made by Lord Torquill and Lady Hadassa).  One was given out in court, and
>the rest given by me and Duchess Willow at the bardic circle that evening.

Master Robin,

I was honored and surprised at your gift.  These mugs are 
beautiful.  I will treasure mine always.  This was quite the weekend 
for surprises in court. :)

Thank you so very much

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