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Good selection, Will.
Another couple of people/groups
The Bard O'Neal / Diane Linn ( http://www.dianethebard.com/)
The Bedlam Bards (http://www.bedlambards.com/)
The Corsairs (http://www.corsairs.com/)
In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
HL Gerald of Leesville
A bard of Stargate 


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I have to agree; Heather Dale is a must-have for anyone.
http://heatherdale.com <http://heatherdale.com/>   She has many CDs.  In
addition to her SCA folk CD, she has two which tell the Arthurian Legends.
She recently released another one that encompasses songs inspired by the
cultures found on the Road to Santiago, the famous pilgrimage.


I would also highly recommend Cantiga: http://www.cantigamusic.com
<http://www.cantigamusic.com/> .  I cannot begin to describe them.  If you
do nothing else with this email listen to one of the songs on their site.




Master Hector of the Black Height (SCA Ealdormere)

Emmer Nic Aiden (SCA Ealdormere)

Master Garread (Tim Jennings - SCA Ealdormere)



Early Music:

The Baltimore Consort: http://www.baltcons.com/

Istanpitta (SCA): http://www.istanpitta.com/

Joe Jewell: http://www.featherstonemusic.com/

Psalteria:  http://psalteria.cz <http://psalteria.cz/> 

BraAgas: http://www.braagas.com/

Euphorica: http://www.euphorica.cz/       

Owain Phyfe: http://www.nightwatchrecording.com/owain.htm 

-          http://cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=Phyfe
<http://cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=Phyfe&submit=search> &submit=search

The New world renaissance band:

-          http://cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=The+New+world+renaissance+band
rch> &submit=search

The Reelies/Erika Lieberman/Mince Pie

Bells & Motley Consort




The Cottars: http://www.thecottars.com/

Empty Hats: http://emptyhats.com <http://emptyhats.com/> 

Neidfyre: http://www.neidfyre.com/




Lark Song: http://www.larksongsings.com/        





Merry Mischief: http://www.merrymischief.net/

Jim Hancock: http://www.jimhancock.com <http://www.jimhancock.com/> 

Celticopia: http://cdbaby.com/cd/celticopia

The Merry Wives of Windsor: http://mwow.net/



Dulcimer Quartet:

NightinGael: http://www.nightingael.net/



Period Inspired:

Mediaevel Baebes: http://mediaevalbaebes.com/  

Loreena McKennit: http://www.quinlanroad.com/

Chip Davis: http://www.amgram.com/

Blackmore's Night: http://www.blackmoresnight.com/

Martine Lund Hoel: http://www.hardingfiddler.com/eng/index.htm



Sorry I don't have much to offer on the subject.  If you have any particular
questions or interests in any of the above, please feel free to email me or
track me down at an event (where I can play any song by any of the above
groups in which you are interested - thanks to my iPod).  I hope others will
chime in with their preferences.  I am always looking to broaden my


Will Meriic



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Hi, everyone!

I'd like to get recommendations from everyone, about CDs, SCA, period, filk,
folk, that you would recommend, and how to get them, if you know.

I'll start with some obvious suspects:

Heather Dale, Call the Names
Serious Steel, Joe Bethancourt, Leslie Fish

For not SCA specific or period specific, but certainly worth knowing for a
rollicing open bardic, drive time, and general happiness:

Golden Bough
Silly Wizard
Steeleye Span
Stan Rogers

Esther, who is rapidly turning into Emma



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