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Hey Alden........
  I have, from our first meeting, known that you posses a rare talent,  a noble grace, and truly chivalrious bearing.  Ravensfort may well rest in assurance that their wordfame will be known throughout the land!  I will be wary and better prepared when we two shall duel in the Circle again!

Ready for that Cloak of many colors????? It will look good on you! :)
  Elanor, just a bard

Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Thanks Kat. I enjoyed the relief of not having to compete against you 
this year too - though doing so last year was great fun. You always 
challenge me to bring my "A Game".

What I didn't tell you was that before I could focus on writing an 
(on-site) poem for the competition, I was distracted by thoughts of 
writing a praise poem for Countess Sara Penrose. So I ended up writing 
two poems that day:

*Sonnet 18*

They sit in state on sable-wing’ed thrones,
To serve the Crown and People here amassed.
As once again we gather at the stones,
Full five and twenty years have come and passed.

Such inspiration bears a heavy toll;
The weight of points and pearls upon one’s brow.
So with a heart, pray do their work extol
And honor them by curtsey or a bow.

>From Arenvald and Alix came the line,
And David with fair Chrystal followed suit,
Then Niklas and Kezia were assigned
To lead all in a nobler pursuit.

Now Brian and Fionna guide the way
Into the years that come after today.

*Penned for a Rose*

Fair lady born of noble grace,
With gentle hand and fairest face,
Inspiring all around you,
To rise above their stationed place
And with their words and deeds erase
Their sins for greater virtue.
Such artistry at your command,
Illuminating our dark land,
Is rare indeed, a wonder.
The radiance cast from your hand
So great, Apollo is unmanned;
His chariot cast asunder.
For what you do, these thanks I give,
As better do I strive to live.

Cheers all,

Kathy Elliott wrote:
> I am pleased to announce that Raven's Fort's new Bardic Defender, and 
> Silver Ravenskald, is HL Alden Drake!
> Congratulations, Alden. You did a wonderful job. (And I'm really glad 
> I didn't have to compete against you!)
> ~ Kat ~
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