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 Plans - Now that I can get behind:

1. Perform outside of my comfort zone - For me, this will be dancing as well
as bardic at our Demo for the Divinci exhibit on 4/26.
2. Write another piece for Elfsea... because one is never enough *wink*
3. Complete the website design for the Ansteorra Chorus... Yes this is
coming... I'm really excited about it and hope you all are as well.
Something will be up before Lysts with the hope of meeting with some
interested parties at Coronation/Queens/ Crown etc.


HL Mea

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> Anyone can complain that the roses have thorns.  Take a moment to notice
> that the thorns have roses.
> At my last three events:
> Glaslyn: all the fighters came together to get into the spirit of the
> tourney, a weird mixture of increasing heroc challenge and increasing
> silliness.  In both the chivalric and the rapier lists, I had fun, tried
> some unusual moves, and tested myself against great odds.  I fought for a
> lady I rarely get to fight for, who came to the field for each fight and
> showed me honor throughout the day.  I told my first opponent to find
> somebody who knew how to kill me, and pointed out a couple of people.  (It
> worked for him, too.  He got the first kill.  But it was double-elim, and I
> adjusted to what he was doing.)  I'm sure I talked to more than half the
> people present.
> In the tourneys and the archery competition, the winners were awarded, but
> also, the ladies' pavilion rewarded the person who impressed them the
> most.  The ladies watched all the fighting, and showed both knowledge and
> excitement.
> It had a really fun bardic compeition, with a wide mix of joy, tragedy,
> song, story, poetry, and homiletics.  Two people told us the tale of where
> they found their dream -- Lord Fiacca, a burly fighter, told us how he found
> it in duty and loyalty, while Violante, a fairly new young lady, described
> how she was inspired by the fierce heavy melees she watched at Gulf War.
> Crown: I was only there for a few hours, and took part in no fighting,
> fencing or bardcraft.  But did get to watch a great final round, guard the
> new Prince, admire some weaving, walk around the field and speak to people
> from all the regions.  I also did some important work, talking to people
> about solving a political issue (which I'm sure some people will dismiss as
> politics).
> Home-school demo:  Yes, I'm actually listing a demo.  Just a few hours in
> a city park.  But I served my baroness, saluted my lady and the Queen,
> fought in both styles, performed and listened to other performers, attended
> court -- in short, I was able to be Robin of Gilwell.  I loved it.  The
> dream was there -- and we all shared it.
> -----------------------
> In my first Black Star, in summer 1979, there was a letter from a baroness
> who was resigning her barony and leaving forever, because the dream was dead
> -- people were being too mundane, politics was taking over, nobody would
> talk to anyone who wasn't a close friend, etc.  I asked Master Lloyd about
> it, and he said that people were always saying that, but the truth is
> thatboth the joys and the frustration have always been there, and will
> always be there.
> Since then, I've never gone three months without hearing the the dream was
> dying.
> OF COURSE the dream is dying.  The dream is *always* dying.  This is,
> after all, an organization founded on the desire to do things that died away
> over four centuries ago.
> In the Renaissance, their tournament pageantry was intended to hold onto
> the dying embers of the medieval ideal.  A great hero was Don Quixote, a
> madman trying to keep to the ideals of knighthood.  In the Middle Ages, they
> wanted to hold onto the ideals of Rome, and the great hero was Arthur, a
> king who wanted to build a knightly order to defend the dying ideals against
> an encroaching barbarism.  In Rome, they all pined for the lost glories of
> Greece, and the Greeks were mourning the lost Golden Age.
> The dream is always and forever on the brink of death, and will always and
> forever need emergency first aid.  From you.  From me.
> Go sing of your dream at a bardic circle.  Offer your favor to someone you
> normally wouldn't (or carry a favor you've never carried before).  Go up to
> somebody you don't know and introduce yourself.  Help some strangers put up
> their pavilion.  Hold a revel.  Help somebody sew a costume, research a
> name, or learn a new combat move.
> And hurry.  The dream is dying.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
> P.S.  DON'T nod thoughtfully and agree with me.  Instead, nod
> thoughtfully, agree with me and MAKE AN ACTION PLAN.   What will **you** do
> in the next couple of weeks to make things better?
> My plan:
> A.  On Tuesday, I will teach a period move to everyone at fencing
> practice, and focus on the joys of combat in every bout.  I will deem it a
> successful practice if some of them start using the move, and all my
> opponents walk off the field laughing or smiling.  I will fence with *every*
> newer fencer.
> B.  I will finish the last lines in a praise piece of Elfsea warriors, to
> be fully memorized for performance at Elfsea Spring Fair.
> C. One more, but I won't announce it until Elfsea Spring Faire.
> What's your plan?
> RoG / JR
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