[Bards] A Magic Moment

Kathy Elliott bardkat at comcast.net
Mon Apr 21 21:17:01 PDT 2008

In light of the recent talk of the Dream, I wanted to share with you all the
wonderful experience I had at Stargate/Loch Baronial this past weekend.  Due
to a conflict with my daughter's schedule, we were unable to arrive on site
until mid-afternoon.  In anticipation of this, I sent my pavilion ahead with
my lord husband and some friends, so they would have a place in the shade.

When I arrived on site, I learned that there was enough left over from the
luncheon my friend had prepared to feed anyone who stopped by - and we did!
Our pavilion hosted a number of visitors throughout the day and into the
night - both old friends and new faces, as well as many people I know but
don't usually spend much time with.  I know of at least two newcomers who
joined us Saturday, and both said they will definitely be coming back!
Rather than a bardic circle only in the evening, the air was filled with
stories and music throughout the day.  I even felt the "time slip" while
Master Avatar was playing.  When evening came, we were joined by three very
talented drummers and two accomplished dancers, and had one of those
evenings when drummers, dancers and bards successfully share a space.  If
only this had been a camping event, the night would have been perfect!
Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than I would have liked, since we were
travelling with small children.  But as we were leaving, bards and drummers
and dancers were still gathered around a campfire under the full moon.

What did it take to accomplish all this?  A place in the shade, a jug of
cool water available to all, a little food, a few extra chairs, and an open
invitation to anyone who walked by.  (And what a wonderful way to break in
my new pavilion!)

I will be hosting bardic circles at Bordermarch this coming weekend - please
join me on Friday nght around 10 pm, and Saturday night after court.  Please
also look for the green pavilion by the list field, and stop by anytime
during the day for a cool drink, a bite to eat, and to share a story or a
bit of music.

~ Kat ~

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