[Bards] Singin' at the Dragon (was Re: Sir Ken...)

Ken Theriot kentheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Tue Apr 22 09:36:25 PDT 2008

Rehearse, you say?  You should have seen how we "rehearsed" for the first
show.  Samantha (Lady Ambra from Atlantia) was to sing with us the first
night, and Master Cynric was to drum.  Neither of them had ever even met!
Cynric was on watch duty until an hour before the show and Samantha didn't
arrive on site until 2 hours before.  I took my guitar to the watch office
and played some songs "at" Cynric with Ambra, between radio calls, making
drumming noises with my voice like in "the little drummer boy."  Cynric said
he'd listen to the CD in the hour before the show, during which time
Adelaide, Ambra, and I rehearsed 2 or 3 songs for the harmony parts.  By the
time the show started, the 4 of us had literally NEVER played together:).
Soooooo, THAT was great for the pre-performance jitters:).

But Thursday, the harmonies you guys provided were AWESOME!!  I was so blown
away when the third part to Harvest came floating over that I nearly forgot
the words.

OK, sorry for the bandwidth everyone.  Maybe we could say it wasn't
off-topic because it shows how NOT to prepare for a performance:).


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Now that sounds like a good time right there, ja, sure, you betcha.
Heck, maybe Michele and I will even have had a chance to rehearse
before the next one!


On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 8:19 AM, Ken Theriot
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> Thanks Grímólfr!  Hey, the second time you guys (Bards of Medium) were
>  of it!  Next year we're thinking we need to combine forces with you at
>  Dragon!!
>  Kenneth
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>  From: Kevin Valliquette [mailto:grimolfr at gmail.com]
>  And it was thoroughly awesome both times! Most of my favorite moments
>  from Gulf this year occured in the Green Dragon.
>  -Grímólfr
>  On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 9:47 PM, Ken Theriot
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>  > Yes it is indeed out;).  We had a CD Release concert (2 actually) at
>  > Wars in the Green Dragon.
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