[Bards] Taking A Small "Break"

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Hey, Hopalong -- take care of yourself!
Suggestion:  if you are still stuck with crutches, at least see if you
can talk your doc/etc. into forearm crutches instead of the
Amra / Kihe / Mike


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Greetings good folk all,
While exhibiting my chacteristic grace and lightness of foot on Friday
evening's dog-walking constitutional, my left ankle shifted out from
under me and my right ankle broke on the way down. Go ahead and
laugh.....My daughter did, I did. Hell, I'm still laughing. Just call me
"Hopalong".  <http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/04.gif>

My dear sweet son, Morgan did his best to help me get back home all the
while wrangling a frisky, unconcerned dachshund. Bless his little
chivalrous heart, he wanted me to lean on him while we hobbled along.
I've got the sweetest son!
I therefore will be on a small sabbatical until I can get it stabilized
in a cast or (my preference) a walking boot. It is a small dual spiral
type break on the outside bone(tibia), just above the foot(above the
malleolus). No biggie.....except that I can't drive and the crutches are
killing me.<grin> Guess it'll be tunics and trews for a bit, huh? But
don't worry, I'll be back in the bardic circle before you know it, and
I'm sure I can sit at Demos if need be.
 Branwyn, could you please call me (817-874-1383) about getting the
items from the demo back? Thanks.  
And Tiggy, I WILL be there at Beltane on Friday night, even if I have to
hobble the whole way!
Still got my sense of humor,
Elanor O'Ruark

  <http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/40.gif> "Little
girls, this seems to say, Never stop upon your way. 
Never trust a stranger-friend; No one knows how it will end. 
As you're pretty, so be wise; Wolves may lurk in every guise. 
Handsome they may be, and kind, Gay, or charming never mind! 
Now, as then, 'tis simple truth... 
Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth!"


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