[Bards] Dream? What Dream? Did you see a Dream? I know I didn't!

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Sun Apr 20 13:09:18 PDT 2008

I don’t know if I could have put it any better, really.  I’m afraid I have to agree with both of your sentiments in most ways.
  Kenneth, I also mostly agree with you.  I feel that there are some modern tunes that, when filked correctly, can be squeezed in without destroying the dream.  On the other hand, though I’m guilty of it myself and I die for Ghost Piggies in the Sty, I can very much see where you’re coming from.
  Emma there is no reason to apologize.  I feel very much the way you do.  The game is partly suffering for the system of it all.  I think it’s very much like ‘Binding one’s feet to impede their own progress.’  The Dream is something many people love and it happens to be different for just about all of us.  For me, it’s that moment when you forget that you drove here in a car wearing a funny costume and listening to the radio.  It’s that moment when you forget that you’re pretending and, even if for the briefest of moments, you really are there.  
  When I first joined the SCA down here in Ansteorra, I was shown and told of heroes and legends that actually happened.  I instantly felt welcome and wanted to be like them.  I found the people of this great kingdom to be spirited and free, even under the rule of a king.  Bards walked from camp to camp, knights told tales of glory on the field (instead of ‘no-sh!t-I-was-there’), jesters terrorized the courts, and revelry was at a high.  It was a place of fun and happiness, where we were all in it together.  Now it’s go to the single event going on here or there or don’t go, cars parked in campsites, and a tension floating about that you could cut with a knife.  
  I for one am open to any suggestions.  I’ve been told of the old culture camps and that sounds nice.  I’m up for anything I can currently afford to do.  Even if you feel that you can’t help with some sort of project, simple persona play could make a newcomer’s (or even an oldie’s) experience that much better.  Baron Wylfred, that sounds like a wonderful idea!  Maybe we should try something like that.  I bet the bards of Kragenworth Keep might be interested as well.

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