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Sun Apr 20 15:22:36 PDT 2008

I think an event is a wonderful idea, though I don’t know if that’s exactly what I meant.
    It would make a persona friendly environment so I’m all for it.  Also, as far as ‘official 
  events’ go
Who need’s ‘em?  We, in Elfsea, threw an extra event last year that was 
  sanctioned by the barony and the populace.  Te royals didn’t come and it wasn’t on the 
  but we all had a great time.  It was our first event and there were tiny issues about 
  infringing upon another event, but that’s always going happen if we somehow break this 
  2 events/year thing.  (I think it’s an awful idea.  Make a limit of how many the royals are 
  required to go to, but please don’t limit the rest of us.)  Many people have problems with 
  gas when it comes to events held far away.  I understand it’s an issue we all face with 
  such a vast kingdom, but if baronies were allowed to hold more events we could all have 
  fun whenever we felt the urge to event.
  But an event isn’t going to save our Dream or the good of the game on its own.  We 
  have to DO something to spur them on.  The peerage has grown a bit lazy when it comes 
  to their duties to the populace, I feel.  When I was young in the SCA I saw them 
  teaching not only their trades but the way of our people.  They not only served as an 
  of how to be lofty and good at what you do, but ho we should treat each other and what 
  chivalrous.  I believe this is partially our fault.  W bards should be out there riding their 
  @$$es with song and tale to either inspire, guilt, or goad them into action.  After all, I 
  was always told that that was part of our job.
  Back in the day the bards of Ansteorra were a force to be reckoned with.  I thought maybe we might give it a shot?

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