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AH... only 150 peeps is a big Ansteorran event? hummm... didn't know that.
  Trimaris, though a small Kingdom land mass-wise... consistantly and regularly had 100 to 1500 peeps at Kingdom events during my time there... it dwindled to maybe 500 to 750 in recent years...
  YMCA Camp Wewa in Plymouth FL was a regular Kingdom site... I think it was about 9 acres... You shoulda seen the tents packed in there... LOL!
  Heck  used to hold parties at my place in CLearwater FL... that had cars down the street for three blocks in any direction... Standard building lot, 60x 120... 1400 sq ft house... 2 car garage with 4 to 10 kegs, oysters and clams popping open on the BBQ grills...... Live band in the driveway... When the cops showed up (and they always did), we just invited them in... and gave them a beer. Usually made them put on a Toga to get in the door however to cover up those funny uniforms they were wearing... and to hide their billy clubs and guns so they would not get their butts beaten for packing weapons. LOL!
  I think we could do 150 peeps on 6 acres...

Esther <reese_esther at yahoo.com> wrote:
  We can easily rent a dumpster that will be delivered and collected, that's no worry.

And port-a-potties, or even a semi-truck of flushies can be rented. This could be a cracker-jack, old school event, even in Winter with proper prep. And I suspect deals could be worked out with the local hotels, too, and maybe even a shuttle, if needed.

150 people is actually a lot of an Ansteorran event, you know.


Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:    

Esther <reese_esther at yahoo.com> wrote: 
  and Wylfred responds
    It's a LOVELY site, and while semi-rustic, well, that's part of the charm, isn't it?
It is a very lovely place. Ambience has everything to do with getting one's mind right, and getting into the moment. Rustic rules (as far as I am concerned, LOL!)
  There are over 6.5 acres available for every aspect of any SCA event which is similar in size to the area used by Glaslyn for Defender of the Flame event. There are 30 acres available with an agreement of my neighbor for parking vehicles out of the way inside his fenced pasture. 
Now, here's something that I think might be getting in the way of people taking you up on the offer, and something that is unique to Ansteorra.

It's too small. It's too small because a group must choose to do everything they wish to do in any 'official' capacity, such as give awards, make champions, get credit in their disciplines in a kingdom way, in one event a year, two, if they are lucky enough to be a Barony.
  I would not "dispute" your assumption, since you have not actually been on site, and saw only three lame photos LOL!. I assure you... It is not too small for a 100-150 person event, especially if some are day-tripping. There are woods and open fields for fighting heavy and rapier, room for an archery/live weapons range. AN open-air court, a merchant area, and a cooked over wood fires open air communal lawn feast can happen... 

And we've gotten used to being near hotels, for various reasons both very sensible and/or somewhat lazy. And we've gotten used to water and electricity at campsites, and golf-carts to take us around -- some of us because we have no choice anymore. Sleeping on the ground means missing a day or two of work for some of us from the stiffness these days!
  Gainesville is 12 miles away, and there are a dozen small to medium sized hotel/motels, liquor stores, a Wal-Mart, and other convieniences etc...
    Bring a bucket, draw and haul your own water to your camp from the well, or have one of those chivalrous gents do it... If you really need power in your encampment or tent to run a medical device or such... we can run a power cord to it. The Shop Building has 80 amps of 110v power and at least 2 dozen outlets.
  I have a structure that can house the "showers" all we need is a bit of hose, PVC pipe and a few shower heads... and some plastic tarps, a little rope to create some privacy for both genders... no worries, this facility would be better than most suffer through at Pennsic and Gulf War.
  No ceramic swirlies would be available... an adequate number of Port-o-lets would be necessary. What's new and different about that?
  I have a dumpster, the 3 yard variety not the huge one, but it would work.
  The activity area of the site and the distances would not allow a golf cart to get up to speed... LOL!  The truly needy can be transported by whell barrow or in the cart behind the riding lawn mower, worse case scenario LOL!...
If it's a Kingdom event, or a regional event, is usually means a bigger population, OR it is likely to be an A&S or Feast event, simply (and reasonably) enough because the fighting events and titles are more well established and identify the group. Fighting is the backbone the rest of the SCA is suspended from, SIMPLY because that's how we get our monarchs. (A backbone without the rest of the skeleton and body to clothe it would be as useless as the other way around, so no screams about one thing being superior to another. It takes two to tango.)

Have you asked Master Ihon about the possibility of using your Site for the Kingdom Eistedfodd?

  I mentioned this potential maybe event idea, and site on this list, a couple messages ago... that is about it. OH, last year, Ld "Haries" (sp?) and some people from House Arkam did come out, visited me and checked things out. They were impressed, seemed enthusiastic and figured a nice little event could in fact be held here... unfortunately no follow thru ever occured.
Master Ihon, are plans afoot to make the Kingdom Bardic Championship its own event? If so, now is Plenty Timely for advertizing the same, so people become aware of it, and can plan to come, and the local bards can talk it up.

  Actually If nothing official ever came of it...  I would be just as happy... if this event idea was "unofficial" not subject to all the SCA rules and regulations... and was developed, staffed, put on and attended by people who wanted to have a good time... Friendship Ranch style! 
  If that be in funny costumes fine... great! I will break out my old Ovation 6 string and play unplugged... lol! However, in contrast... I can party with the best of them in a tee shirt, blue jeans and sneakers... with a Stratocaster in my hand, plugged into 200 watt amp stack, rawking and rolling, singing kumbayah... or anything inbetween from any time period. A REVEL IS A REVEL is a revel is a revel... just add beer, right?
  Cause when ya really think about it, all we have is "the moment", and living in the moment doing whatever(??), is usually when and where we all have the most fun and enjoyment, right? That sums up "my Dream"... purty much...
    If someone wants to follow up, investigate... pass any of this information on to any one who may have anything to do with stewarding or setting up SCA events OR a private by invitation only non-SCA sponsored event... be my guest... they are welcome to contact me. And we can discuss the possum'bilities...
  We can do it this way:
  OR we can do it this way...

  Either way is fine with me as long as we all somehow are having fun and using the benefits afforded by this property/site and the facilities available.
  PEACE-out! ;-)
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