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>>  P.S.  DON'T nod thoughtfully and agree with me.  Instead, nod
thoughtfully, agree with me 
>>  and MAKE AN ACTION PLAN.   What will **you** do in the next couple
of weeks to make
>>  things better?
>> What's your plan?
>> RoG / JR
>> Next?
>> HL Mea
1.  Follow through on helping an "old newcomer", returning to SCA
participation after a number of years, get back up to speed.
2.  Write.  Then write some more.  And after I'm done writing, write
more still.  Will any of it be for performance later?  Time will tell.
3.  Mundane responsibilities allowing, I will "get my butt to" both
Elfsea Spring Fair and Steppes Warlord.
After / above that, I'm just going to have to focus on landing the next
mundane contract / secure an ongoing income.
But I'll keep on writing.  NEVER doubt that.  Too many opinions, too
much love of words, to ever stop writing / composing / performing.

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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