[Bards] Never try to out-angst a Welshman:

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Tue Apr 22 20:49:46 PDT 2008

Indeed, in fact I would say W is worth double any other vowel such as U.


Catrin ferch Maelgwn wrote:
> *uncontrollable gigglefits*
> *cough, attempt to arrange features in appropriate mask of melancholy*
> Woe indeed.  And why does no one seem to believe me when I tell them 
> that W, like Y, is a perfectly good vowel?  Why, between the two we 
> scarcely really need the others...
> -Catrin
>     */peterschorn at pdq.net <mailto:peterschorn at pdq.net>/* wrote:
>             My soul is black
>             Black with despair
>             Black as the formerly-green woods of Cynan Vale
>             For the clangor of commerce
>             And the soot of ill-will
>             And the clear-cutting and subsequent erosion of unreturned
>             (why will no one return them?) e-mails
>             Have driven from my soul the green leaves of hope
>             Driven from it the chirruping songbirds of joy
>             Driven from it the furry little woodland creatures with
>             big brown eyes, of compassion.
>             The world has gone strange to me.
>             Lo, it understandeth me not
>             Understandeth not the sensiteve poet
>             Understandeth not the cultured Welshman
>             For it thinketh an Eisteddfod is an agricultural implement
>             It holdeth that Llwyarch Hen is something like a Rhode
>             Island Red.
>             The world is strange
>             People are strange
>             When you're a stranger
>             Faces look ugly
>             When you're alone.
>             Yes, that's Welsh.
>             Or at least it should be
>             If the world were as it should be
>             Or as it should have been
>             But never was.
>             But it is not, wasn't, and never will be.
>             Wherefore I sing:
>             Woe, me.
>             Woe, you.
>             Woe, they.
>             Woe, hossie.
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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