[Bards] The Dream, it's all relative.

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Wed Apr 23 06:02:07 PDT 2008

Here's my view.

I wrote this a few months back.  I won't say what your idea of this 
"Dream" we talk about, but this is mine... and notice, there is no 
"High Persona Play" in the entire thing... GRIN

Instead, It's just the way I play.

The Dream
By Maggie MacPherson
Northkeep Bard

(Oddly, this scans to Scarborough Faire though I usually play enough 
with the melody so it's not recognizable as such.)

The Clack and the rattle of sword on sword
And the crash of sword on shield.
The feel of my blade when the sword gets through,
And the nights when I'm black and blue.

The roughness of linen, the smoothness of silk
The pull of a colored thread.
Seeing the puzzle come together as one
The pride felt when good work is done.

Laughter of friends through the walls of a tent,
The rhythm of a dancer's drum.
Fireside tales shared late in the night
Of honor and beauty and might.

Watching a child shoot a bow straight and true,
Or bear water onto the field.
Seeing the dream come alive in her heart
Cause a life of service to start.

Translating a poem, reciting it too
Telling tales of love and of war.
Singing a song of becoming a knight,
And of knights defending the right.

Knight holds the dream in the palm of his hand,
Like the egg that a phoenix lays.
Pelican's love of service just grows,
And Laurel shares all that she knows.

Ask, why do I love this game that we play?
I'll answer in just two words.
Through it do honor and chivalry gleam...
My answer is simply:  The Dream.
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