[Bards] An interesting challenge...

Manners, Tabitha tabitha.manners at okstate.edu
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It does sound like a lot of fun.  It is not something that I think I
could do on the spot, but with a little bit of warning and some prep
time it could be an interesting challenge and a different way apply our


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>>Hello all,
>>I have been reading a bit in "Songs of the Women Trouveres" and found
>>an interesting challenge.
>>It looks like they used to have competitions where someone would
>>present a two sided argument, in verse and song, and then challenge
>>someone to defend one of the sides, as the challenger defends the
>>For example...
>>I entreat you , Lady Margorie,
>>To debate against me.
>>A woman, innocent and tranquil,
>>Is loved dearly and faithfully,
>>And loves dearly in return,
>>This you should know with certainty;
>>But the one who loves her is such
>>That his desire
>>He dares not avow,
>>Thus it can never come to pass
>>That he will ever admit it to her.
>>Now, Please answer me truthfully,
>>Should she reveal her feelings
>>Or should she remain silent?
>>And then the two, using the same pattern and rhyme scheme (the French
>>actually rimes) debate it with three verses and a summary each.
>>Does this type of thing interest anyone?  It might be fun for a
>>bardic challenge at a Collegium or something.
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