[Bards] An interesting challenge...

T'Star bedlamandmayhem at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 17:20:58 PST 2008

This seems to be something I might be interested in depending on
circumstance surrounding the challange.  I do no like being ambushed
at any time, including a debate.  I am currently, as you say, 'stuck'
in Ottoman Empire, though the Safavid are currently leaving us be.
Travel is likely not to be clear until your time of Samhain or perhaps
as late as the Christ Mass.  There are few enough here to debate with
in prose much less poetry.  I should have a tale or two for you when I
do return.  I hope to make contact with a perfume merchant before I
return to Ansteorra so it should not be a wasted trip.

~Svetlana Andrejevna Volkova (In persona)

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