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There is entertainment and then there is ENTERTAINMENT!

This weekend at the Steppes-Elfsea 12th Night celebration
there will be a gathering of such devastatingly charismatic Bards
that would put cause the Angels to weep and the sun to hide her face in

4:30pm before Court & Feast the once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza will

The selected performances will not just be good, will not just be great,
they will be so superb that future Bards will remove these pieces and songs
from their repertoire
as they know they will never be able to perform them to this level of

And as an incredible treat, the Gathering will conclude with a special
by the Baron's Men
who have worked for the last 25 years to perfect their offering.

See you there,

Miguel and Modius

(The statements above were penned by Modius and as such should be... Well
you know Modius)

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