[Bards] Performances at Kingdom Arts and Science-- Feb 9th

Cynthia Rogers wolfpaws at mac.com
Tue Jan 15 06:28:41 PST 2008

To all,

--Kingdom A&S is February 9th This Year in Northkeep.--
I'm posting information hoping to lure you into coming and entering  
your best Performance A&S piece!  This is a chance to receive  
recognition for your work, and also to see what other performers are  

--What is a Performance A&S Piece?--
A documentable, period performance of some kind. It might be a song,  
an instrumental piece, a scene from a play, a dance, a juggling  
routine, a masque-- one year a lady entered a dressage dance done on  
horseback. Anything that is a period performance venue is fair game.   
It can be done as a solo, or several people can enter as a group if  
the piece requires multiple people.

--What Would I Need to Do for the Performance?--
You'll need to have printed documentation written up, and have that  
one piece practiced and polished to perform before a panel of judges.  
You will receive a score from the judges and at the end of the day  
you will receive your judging sheets with the judges comments on them.

--But How Will Other People See My Documentation?--
This year we're suggesting that all the performers request table  
space in the main exhibit hall. Bring a tablecloth, and an extra set  
of your printed documentation to put out. That way all the laurels  
and attendees will have a chance to see your documentation and know  
that you performed, even if they can't make it to the time slot when  
you are performing. If you have a picture of yourself or your group,  
you might bring a photo frame and stand that up on the table as well.  
If you can make a nice recording or videotape of your performance,  
you could put a portable CD or DVD player on the table with  
headphones as well. (Try to make the mundanity as discreet as possible.)

--But What if I Can't Go to Gulf Wars This Year?--
The laurels are being careful to point out that this is a competition  
to honor the best A&S pieces (static and performance) in the Kingdom.  
The upper scores will be invited to compete at Gulf Wars, but you are  
not obligated to accept the invitation.

--This Sounds Great, But I'm Not Sure What I'd Like to Do--
Well, plan to come and watch all the performances this year, and look  
at the documentation set out on the tables. Then you'll have all year  
to plan your entry for next year!

--My Ulterior Motives--
I'll be one of the participants this year, and so I have a vested  
interest in luring more of you to come compete-- it's more fun when  
there are a lot of us doing splendid things. If you have questions  
that a "seasoned" performance A&S person could answer, email me, and  
I'll answer, or find someone who can answer your questions.  My  
address is wolfpawsATmac.com.

Very best,
Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf
Province of Mooneschadowe

PS Please feel free to forward this to anyone or any group that you  
think could be enticed by such information.
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