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Please know that my talent is small but it is something I am striving to
improve.  I did not mean to take on such a subject matter so large, and I
know that it may be sensitive to those that knew Duke Jean.  Unfortunately,
I did not.  But I have read many a great word of him and earlier this month
I attended Castellan, where Her Royal Majesty spoke greatly of him.  I know
that I can not do the subject matter its true justice, but please accept it
as an attempt.

This is my first attempt at poetry in many a years

The Reign of Castellan
Sæmundr the pure
Jim Couch (June '08)

All the Queens men gathered round
the list field as they watch the Crown
Their heads deeply bowed in full respect

As Queen Vanessa sauntered by
Rain dropped slowly from the sky
As peace became ever more suspect

Her Magesty with tearful eyes
Spoke greatly of the Duke who died
His deeds recounted by the words of many
The heavens heard these loving tales
Its heart grown heavy, began to swell
The rain came down harder and in plenty

The Royalty who stood that day
Passed the purple strands away
Reminding all that even great Kings fall

And as the skies they opened wider
Our shouts of glory sent ever higher
Lightening set forth a final battle call

The rain began to fade away
and clouds, they parted making way
The Duke to come and speak to every man

And truly did He hear our cries
He sent to us his own reply
The sun shined down on all of Castellan
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