[Bards] Folk song link...

Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle bonz6x at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 15 07:20:26 PDT 2008

I ran across this site that has a lot of folksongs... some of you may already know about this lsite, but those who din't ! Well... YAY!, Here is someplace to look for tunes. 
  So... I briefly zipped thru the listings, and what I dicovered was that within the list, there are some songs which actually date back to a pre 17th century time frame. Many have lyrics in the original language, and some have an English translation. Some have a story which explains (legend or fact ???) where the song came from and what it is referring to, either ethnic tradition/custom, or a historical event... I even found a Polish Wedding Song thing, with lyrics in Polish... which apparantely is a long standing tradition, dating from the 1500's. 
  I can't vouch for any of the commentary or documentation... but one thing I thought was pretty neat, is that on some of the songs, there is a link which brings up a quicktime player, and a MIDI melody line plays for ya. I suspect this could be very useful to many Bardic types.
  Anyways... here 'tis
  Songs are listed A-Z... I suspect this will keep many a Bard amused for many hours... sifting thru all the material.
  best regards... have fun, and RAWK ON!
  Baron Wylfred


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