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Thu Jun 12 06:29:47 PDT 2008

I agree, Maggie.  Great article.
Competitions.  I believe there are too many of them.  I will struggle to
keep this under half a page while I explain why.
It's almost as if we're trying to give the performers something to do.
I've made the same argument before; that we try to treat the performing arts
like many other activities in the SCA; make it a competition and they'll
feel they're getting the same treatment as the rapier/chiv/etc. community.
I also think that we, as performers, should reconsider our positions during
a competition.  Our counterparts of the eras would not consider themselves
champions for their excellencies/highnesses/majesties.  Their labors were
for their patrons; those who would provide for them so that they could
build/perform/compose for the noble who took them in.  If a visiting noble
brought his court musician with him, performances would be staged so that
each could show the merits of the noble's choice.  I don't think this is
done often enough.  
So. Nobles - get to it!
I often think that the performing community, at least what little I see of
it from time to time, has become caught up in collecting championships.
I've had the honor of being champion for three baronies; each of whom I
treated as my patron for the time of service alotted.  At events I would
seek them out and ask if I could entertain them at some time during the day.
While I haven't had the honor, yet, of direct patronage of their majesties,
each time I've submitted myself for Eistedfodd I went in with the notion
that I would have to travel further afield in order to serve that role.
It's a commitment that I don't always see, but I'm poorly traveled and I
forget a lot.
But that's me and my game.  Your mileage may vary.  Offers void if
unacceptable.  Bards are closer than they appear in mirror.
Gerald of Leesville
A minstrel of Stargate.
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