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Maggie - Great Article!

My thoughts on competition are varied depending on the level of competition.

I feel that period pieces (period style if you can document it) are
important. We are a group recreating life from a certain time period, and I
feel that it is fitting that we honor that to the best of our ability. As a
performer... themed topics are daunting. I'm not a writer, so it simply is
not a strength... but it is something that I strive for. I think a tourney
style elimination is probably the most challenging... not only for the
performers, but for the judges as well.

When judging, (particularly for titled bards) I want to see a wide range for
competency. I don't expect expertise, but I want to see poeple stretch
themselves and try new aspects of bardic. I've heard people tell me that
they are not a singer, a poet, or storyteller.... and I sympathize with
that! I really do! That is when we need to start looking into the
subcategories of each. pain chant is completely different from an
elizabethan love song. There is nothing more different from the sonnet than
the welsh poetic styles....etc.

I will agree that announcing bardic competitions/ expectations in a timely
manner is a problem...(Guilty!!!) I think its something that we need to be
more aware of... and help our organizers/ autocrats when possible.

2 pence spent...
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